Payson High School Survey Results Released

Payson High School Survey Results

The Payson Area Advisory Youth Council (PAAYC) recently surveyed Payson High School students regarding their future plans for attending college (4-year University or Community College/Vocational School).  The 574 students responding to the short survey included 178 freshman, 153 sophomores, and 234 juniors/seniors.

Results revealed 15% plan to attend a 4-year university and 10% a Community College/Vocational school.

However, when asked if having a 4-year university in Payson would increase their chances of pursuing higher education, 73% responded YES.  When asked for their biggest factor in choosing a 4-year university, the students most often cited LOCATION (55%), FINANCIAL AID (42%), and ACADEMICS (36%).

Would having a 4-year university in Payson increase your chances of pursuing higher education?


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