Will the campus include commercial buildings, and if so, where will they be located?
We anticipate the campus complex to include commercial buildings. The location is to be determined.
What will be the types of businesses on the campus?
We expect that there will be restaurants and the typical retail establishments that would benefit from being close to a university.
Will these new businesses cater only to students?
The new businesses will cater not only to students but also to the general public.
What happened to the hotel and conference center that were part of the plans?
The hotel and conference center remain part of the vision for the campus setting.
Why is it necessary to build new commercial property on the university campus, rather than utilize vacant commercial buildings?
It is necessary to locate some new commercial properties and facilities on the campus because they will be occupied by companies that will be working closely with members of the university on research and education projects. This proximity will improve efficiency. Also, it is anticipated that the town will need more new businesses to support the students and staff of the university than the town currently has space to accommodate.