Why is it necessary to build new commercial property on the university campus, rather than utilize vacant commercial buildings?
The commercial property and facilities on the campus will augment the retail and commercial services already available in town.
Will the university affect housing values in Payson?
As the university attracts more students and faculty, it will have a positive impact on housing demand and, ultimately, housing values. Payson has limited ability to grow geographically. Once we increase housing demand to exceed the available supply, home prices should accelerate.
How many people will the university employ both in the beginning years and at full capacity?
The educational partner will determine staffing levels initially and in the future.
What are the requirements for hiring contractors?
The general contractor has to have a large bonding capacity. Subcontracting jobs will be awarded to local contractors who have the necessary skills and availability.
Will local contractors be hired?
Local contractors will be used to the extent that they are available and are qualified. Contracting jobs will be bid competitively.
Will local people be employed during the construction process?
Every effort will be made to employ local workers.
In addition to increasing housing values and employment, what other benefits will Payson experience?
Potential benefits include expansion of bike trails and alternative transportation; enhanced cultural opportunities available to the residents of Payson and the Rim Country; and expansion of retail, restaurants and other services offered in our community.