Is there a plan to partner with the Payson High School for student recruitment? Or maybe even the middle school?
We anticipate that there will be a marketing and recruitment plan to attract students to the campus. We will give the feedback to the university regarding the importance of partnering with Payson High School, similar to the ways in which universities partner with high schools in the Valley.
What activities will be available to students?
We have a $10M grant to improve bike paths. Payson has 57 miles. One third of this is completed. We expect that there will be more restaurants, bigger movie theater, etc.
What types of degrees will be offered?
We envision degrees in core areas such as rural health care, biological sciences, liberal arts, business management, and integrated sustainability.
What type of students will be attracted or recruited to the campus?
We anticipate that students from the surrounding region will be attracted to the campus as well as students interested in the specific curricula and/or location of Payson. Transfer students from GCC likely will attend as well. We also will have students taking courses online. Initially we expect an enrollment of 400 students. By year five, we project an enrollment of 2500 students. The campus will be built at a 6,000 student capacity.
I’m concerned about rowdy students coming.
We expect to attract “granola kids” not those who are interested in going to bars. We expect that the students coming to Payson will be more interested in hiking and biking paths.
Can fraternities on-campus be prohibited?
Prohibition of specific student groups is very difficult. So, probably not.
What are Payson’s plans to attract students like NAU does?
We will attract career oriented students who are focused on completing their degrees and getting out into the job market. We will have restaurants and retail once campus is built. We will have learning/living centers focused on a specific curriculum.
How do we keep Payson students here?
Payson has a STEM program now. PHS is focusing more training on technology, including a 3D printer donated to the school. We will be working on programs to get junior high students better prepared with college prep.
Will freshman have to stay on campus?
That will depend on the policies of the university who is selected, but it is very likely since many universities have that type of policy for freshman. There could be exceptions if the student is living at home here in Payson, but again, this will be up to the educational partner.
Will there be a Veteran’s Educational Center/opportunity?
We are uncertain at this point. We would expect that if the students served by the campus include a number of Veterans, then the university would consider having an Educational Center for Veterans.
Teachers have difficulty completing their continuing education credits. Will the campus offer these classes?
Whether these courses are offered will depend upon the university. We will convey to their curriculum planners that there is a need for these courses.
Will there be Teacher Ed courses?
We will be conveying the need for these to the educational partner.
What will be included in the business management program?
It should be focused on entrepreneurship.
Will a forestry degree/program be offered?
The choice of degree programs offered will depend on the educational partner.