On this page we will be bringing you the hottest  news about the progress towards our goal of having a university campus in Payson. Just click on the link to be taken to the news of your choice.

Reason for a Little Celebration, May 20, 2016

Design the Sign Contest Winner is Announced, July 14, 2015

Educational Alliance Makes First Payment, May 22, 2015

Educational Alliance Signs Sale Agreement with Forest Service, May 9, 2015

Forest Service Appraisal Expected Soon, September 12, 2014

University Location Could be Decided Next Month, August 22, 2014

New ASU Athletic Director Makes First Visit to  Camp Tontozona, August 16, 2014

Forest Service Requests Bids on Land for the University  May 2, 2014

Forest Service Ready to Issue Request for Qualifications to Qualified Appraisers  April 9, 2014

Arizona Board of Regents President Calls For Support of Universities  November 29 2013

Rim Country Educational Alliance Continues to Work With USFS But Also Weighing Options  October 29, 2013

Government Shutdown Puts a Damper on Forward Progress  October 11, 2013

U S Forest Service Official Signs Off on Environmental Assessment  August 13, 2013

Another Key Milestone Achieved on the Road to Building a University Campus in Payson  July 30, 2013

Tonto National Forest Supervisor Predicts Sale of Land to University Backers by January  July 19, 2013

First-ever Bequest to Rim Country Educational Foundation Will Boost University Project  July 5, 2013

ASU to Resume Talks with Rim Country Education Alliance About a Payson Campus  June 28, 2013

Forest Service Approval of Sale of Land for University Campus Starts a Flurry of Activity  June 25, 2013

Direct Sale of Land to University Backers Approved by Forest Service  June 21, 2013

Sale of Forest Service Land To University Backers Moves Closer  May 7, 2013

Bringing a University Campus to Payson: Something to Make Arizona Proud  January 30, 2013

Land Sale to University in Payson Backers is Top Forest Service Priority  January 29, 2013

Forest Service To Begin Compiling Comments From Environmental Assessment  January 18, 2013

Campus Fund Raising Committee Pleased With Results To Date  December 31, 2012

Prospect of University in Payson Takes Giant Step Forward  December 18, 2012

University Progress Slow But Steady  November 30, 2012

University Fund-raising Effort Hits Key Goal  November 6, 2012

Gila County Contributes to Campus Effort  September 28, 2012

Arizona’s Universities Report Record Enrollment  September 18, 2012

Mayor Evans Discusses Key Elements of Economic Development in Payson   September 13, 2012

Construction Starts In Payson This Week to Prepare For Hook Up To Blue Ridge Pipeline  September 12, 2012

University Fund-Raisers Hit $100,000 Target  September 7, 2012

ASU’s President Crow Revives Campus Hopes  August 24, 2012

Campus Benefit Is A Hot Ticket  August 14, 2012

ASU and Rim Country Educational Alliance Agree on Plan  July 3, 2012

Town Hall Presentation June 2012

Questions Asked at Town Hall June 21, 2012

Alliance and ASU Narrow Differences:  Payson Round Up Report of the Town Hall Meeting  June 22, 2012

Campus Advocates Seek Help: Payson Round Up Report of Town Hall Meeting  June 15, 2012