Latest Progress on Sale of Forest Service Land

Even though you’ve yet to see a sign in the ground or a bulldozer on the property, we continue to make progress toward the goal of bringing a university campus to Payson. The primary objective remains securing the land on which to build the campus complex. (Please visit here for information on the site.)

The US  Forest Service (USFS) is advancing through the process required for the sale of the desired property for the university.  They have drafted the required Sales Implementation Strategy (SIS) document.  The strategy set forth in the SIS is a direct sale at appraised value, rather than an open bidding process.  Concurrent with the review of the SIS document will be the development of an Archeological Treatment Plan. We will keep you apprised of continued progress through the additional remaining steps necessary to acquire the land.

Other achievements during the past few months:
  • Rim Country Educational Alliance (RCEA) is the Separate Legal Entity that will manage all of the decisions regarding the land acquisition and negotiate all contracts. Steve Drury is now the chairperson of the RCEA Board of Directors. Jim Lyon was appointed to the board in late 2012.
  • Fundraising efforts continue. Funds are needed to pay for the pre-development costs, such as the studies outlined above. Thanks to the generosity of Rim Country residents and businesses, $160,000 has been raised thus far. These contributions have been incredibly valuable in demonstrating that Payson has some “skin in the game” and supports bringing a university here. To make a contribution, please visit this site.
  • The Blue Ridge Pipeline, which will bring water off the Rim and into Payson, remains on target and under budget. The water from Blue Ridge is essential to support the needs envisioned for the campus complex.
  • Discussions continue with the various interested university partners. We anticipate that these discussions will accelerate, once final agreement has been reached with the USFS on the land acquisition
Don’t forget to check back at this site periodically. We post updates here as they occur.


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    Your plan for push updates is a good one! Thanks

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