Next Milestone Met: Tonto National Forest Office Forwards Sales Implementation Strategy Document

The Tonto National Forest officially forwarded the Sales Implementation Strategy (SIS) document to the US Forest Service Regional Office in Albuquerque on April 9. Expedited review of the SIS by the Regional Office is anticipated.

The SIS is an expansive document that includes a range of required studies, describes the intended sales process, and outlines why the sale of the USFS property is in the public’s interest.

Once the Regional Office concurs with the document and approves, the SIS is forwarded to the Washington Office for final approval. Each of these approvals are key milestones in acquiring the desired 250 acre site (south of Highway 260 and west of Rim Club Parkway) on which to build a university campus in Payson.

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  1. John Landino says:

    Nice to see stones causing ripples. What is needed for the boulder to hit the water and create the big splash we are waiting for. What about those Indian potery pieces. How is this obstacle being dealt with and is the approval going to be on hold until the actions on them get resolved?

    • elise says:

      The USFS review and approval process will continue to move forward while the archeological review and studies are conducted. The two processes run along parallel timeframes that ultimately converge once the Sales Implementation Strategy (SIS) has been reviewed by the Washington Office of the USFS. Once the Washington Office has approved the SIS, the final portion of the Archeological Clearance process will be triggered.The Archeological Clearances will be necessary to conclude the purchase process and acquire the land.

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