Ms. Eloise Jones has lived in the Rim Country since 1991 where she worked as a nurse and a yarn shop instructor. Eloise is President of Tonto Community Concert Association (TCCA) and Vice President of the Mogollon Health Alliance (MHA).

How do you think a 4 year university campus will impact Payson when it is completed?

I feel there would be a positive impact in several areas within our community. Added business activity for our merchants for sure, plus new businesses moving to town will improve revenue and fill in the open spaces in our shopping centers. Also new families would come to town and it would make available added local educational options for our graduating students. Another positive economic factor might be the visitors to the campus as they come to visit their children and their impact on local businesses and hotels.

In addition, the university might also benefit our housing market from added home sales and new construction projects. Our school system would benefit from hopefully more young families that will see opportunity and want to move to a university town. This could aid the school budget. With added things to do from possible programs and sports events that a campus might feature, our youth would have more things to do.

How do you feel the 4 year university campus might impact the organizations you currently serve?

MHA – The MHA provides scholarships to students for health care related studies. A university that offered such courses would allow students to use those scholarships here and perhaps stay in our community working in our hospital or other health related facilities.

TCCA – Our organization would welcome a new performing arts center where our audience could enjoy not only our concerts, but other entertainment. In addition with the addition of a youth demographic we might consider altering our performer selections or even put together a separate “Youth Series”.

The arts in general would benefit and provide added opportunities for our student population to be exposed to and to enjoy special programs and lectures aimed at their interests. Our adult population would also have added learning and entertainment opportunities available to them in this area as well.

All in all I feel that a 4 year university campus would benefit many areas of our community from an economic point of view for our businesses and our town, plus enhanced lifestyle options for the residents of Rim Country.