Jon Cline retired in 2009 from the Refrigeration School, Inc.  (RSI) in Phoenix, Arizona.  Refrigeration School, Inc. was founded by his wife’s family in 1965, and provided vocational HVAC training for over forty years. RSI was the largest single source of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration education in the United States when Mr. Cline and his family sold the business.

Mr. Cline worked in several capacities with RSI, including admissions, graduate career development, industry relations, and customized training. He also served as the Director of Education.

During his time at RSI, Mr. Cline worked closely with state and national education associations as an advocate for student access and success in higher education. He also worked closely with his wife to facilitate the institution’s charitable giving programs.

Mr. Cline has served as a mayoral and gubernatorial appointee on numerous state and local committees and commissions.

A graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree, Mr. Cline is also a member of the Payson High School class of 1972. He currently divides his time between Tempe and Star Valley, and remains active in other family businesses.